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Get to know best brand products!!! Just ask you questions down here and We will suggest you best qualities for your items. (we would never cheat in this section beacause we do not own any of the products we would suggest you) 

Brands and Qualities (Ask your questions here)

Hey YC help needed on cupcake frostings

Priya | 21/08/2012

Please tell me what cready made frostings are good and if not how to make one.

Re: Hi Priya

YoungCooks | 21/08/2012

None of the ready made frostings are healthy but yes, u can make one we will be uploading some frosting/icing recipes for you!

Re: Hey YC help needed on cupcake frostings

YoungCooks | 20/04/2014

Hi, Priya. I just did a little researched about ready frostings and I found DR.OETKER'S READY CUPCCAKE FROSTING will be the best.

Hi Jasmina

YoungCooks | 20/08/2012

Scharffen Berger "Pure Dark Chocolate. is the best cooking choclate
And also- Generally cocoa (Dutch-processed) gives the best flavor impact in baking. In ganache (heavy cream and chocolate) or chocolate cream pie, where the chocolate is the main ingredient and does not get subjected to long heating, bittersweet chocolate is a good choice.

Brand of chocolate is entirely a matter of personal preference. What tastes good by itself will also taste good when mixed with other ingredients. You be the judge!

Hey YC help needed on choclates

Jasmina | 20/08/2012

Pls tell me wat qualities should a good cooking chocolate have?

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