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hi yc

Rachel | 13/11/2012

Can you pls tell me how thin should a pizza crust be?

Hey YC

Jasmina | 20/08/2012

Its Okay and as for fund raise it by DIY!!! Like keep a donate corner on your website. People like me might donate upto 20 bucks a month wud thats be enough?

Re: Hey Jasmina

YoungCooks | 20/08/2012

Yes may be, thanks for the idea and please do not talk more over this and also remember this FAQ board is for asking questions and not for commenting or.. suggesting nor chatting. You might use pinboard for such reasons.Thanks you!!

Re: Re: Hey Jasmina

Jasmina | 13/11/2012

ur welcm

Hey Jasmina

YoungCooks | 20/08/2012

Sorry Jasmina, Our YoungCooks has no fund and we will not be able to spend our personal money. Since, not willing to make one!! Sorry:(

Hey YC

Jasmina | 20/08/2012

I am your fan, just wanted to know if ur willin' to make an iphone or a.. play store app? So that I can install it? Ya tellin u that should be more than a dollar i'll buy it:) THANKS

Re: Hey YC

Young Cooks | 13/11/2012

It depends on how much dough you have and how much time you bake it!
If you have less dough you might want to make thin crust by rolling it out same as the wideness of your finger nail!

if you have more dough make it as wide as the length of your finger nail. But the thick one will take double the time to bake!

Re: Re: Hey YC

Rachel | 13/11/2012

thank you so much

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