Easy Chocolates

Easy Chocolates

Take 1 cup of cocoa powder and 2 cups of milk powder in a bowl. Always remember that the amount of milk powdershould be double the amount of cocoa powder.

Take a pan, put two cups of sugar in it and allow it to caramelize. But keep stirring the sugar mixture so that it remains fluid and does not thicken up.

Once you have a liquid base caramel, add it in little amounts to the cocoa and milk powder mixture. Make sure the caramel mixes up evenly all over.

Start mixing gently until it starts to thicken. Now boil a cup ofwater to a lukewarm temperature. Keep adding little amounts of this water to the cocoa, caramel and milk powder mixture.

Break down the mixture to make it more fluid and paste-like. After this take a tray with square or round gaps in it to fill the chocolate. One can also take a plain vessel to pour the whole chocolate and later cut it into bars.

Put it in the freezer for around 5-6 hours. Take your chocolate out of the tray and enjoy!!!