YoungCooks special chocolate ganache

YoungCooks special chocolate ganache

1 bar of brown milk chocolate.

1 bar of white milk chocolate.

some mint leaves 

whipped cream

a cool serving plate 

a spoon     

three bowls

some butter

alluminium foil

a microwave

procedure- Mix some butter and half brown chocolate, next melt in a microwave. Next, add another half of broown chocolate into the whip cream and mix in a bowl. Using a spoon scoop out the whip cream on the plate. Spread the aluminium foil and spread out some melted chocolated on and keep in fridge for 15-20 mins until harder. Now remove ur chcoltae fromn the foil, break into long pieces and spread on ur cream.Melt some white choclate and pour on ur dish. Garnish with mint leaves